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towerofart asked:

If I might throw my two cents in on this whole thing: I agree that Thorin himself was a bad person, but I do think he was a good character. In the same sense that Moriarty is a bad person, but he's one of my favourite characters. Thorin is the kind of person I would not wish to have as even an acquaintance. However, he's a very interesting character. (You don't have to reply or anything, I just thought I'd offer up my opinion.)

No thats pretty much exactly how I feel. I can appreciate good characterization, but it doesnt mean I have to like them


Anonymous asked:

Was Chris' beard only for snowpiercer?

I dont think so. He says that he really likes having a beard so I think its more of a personal choice in between jobs at least. He had to have one for Snowpiercer, but he still likes to have one when he isnt working too

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